Element offers integrated maintenance and repair of equipment, diagnostics, audit of production processes and occupational safety for ore processing and rock & aggregates industries.

Our important and advantageous feature is the approach that combines maintenance, technological analysis and organizational audit. We help you optimize the production process in a comprehensive way: from equipment servicing and retrofitting to developing new competencies and skills for your employees.

All-in-one wear protection solutions

This is a full-fledged engineering work on design, selection and installation of lining materials for specific characteristics of Customer’s equipment.

Service specialists of Element will visit your site, collect preliminary information, take required measurements. The Engineering Department will select necessary types of plates, prepare layout and fastening patterns and perform necessary drawings, and the Service Crew will mount the linings on the equipment.

Remote monitoring of equipment operation

E-monitor — is an integrated digital space, providing for acquisition, recording, storage and analysis of equipment operational data. The device allows you to monitor all operational factors in real time.

Using E-monitor it is possible to know how long crusher was operated under load, how long it was shut down, how long it was operated with no load, and to view history of performance factors, dates of wear parts’ installation and dismantling, and to view wear parts’ service hours.

Long-term service projects

Element offers long-term service projects to achieve top performance of Customer’s equipment We carry out a comprehensive analysis of Customer’s equipment operation processes and maintenance in order to eliminate potential problems and to reduce scheduled downtimes.

We help to optimize Customer’s inventory for timely comprehensive replacement of spare parts and to establish common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Parties.

Audits and diagnostics

In order to optimize Customer’s production processes, Element implements a set of measures to determine and evaluate key indicators of condition of technical systems and actual values of controlled parameters of their operation.

In the course of the survey, our specialists identify currently existing and potential problem areas, analyze their impact on production processes, search for methods to eliminate them, and evaluate how proposed solutions will affect the system under study in a whole.

Repair and refurbishment of components

Refurbishment of crushing equipment is much cheaper than manufacturing of new components. Up-to-date methods of surface protection allow to refurbish components in a way, ensuring their life throughout 100% of repair period and over.

Element prepares required technical documentation, selects optimal solution to extend equipment service life and reduce repair costs. All works are carried out on an individual customized basis.

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