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Element Group does not own or represent any of the brands stipulated here. Spare parts and components are completely interchangeable with parts of pointed equipment. Provided and produced with warranty obligations of the Element trademark. All designations, trademarks, and commercial names are mentioned on this site for informational purposes only and not for Element's product differentiation.

The original spare parts from Element Group for CSE guarantee the uninterrupted and successful operation of mining and road construction enterprises

Element Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spare and wear parts for all types of imported and domestic crushers and screens: jaw, cone, gyratory, screw-toothed and impact crushers with horizontal and vertical shafts. The range of components includes more than 59 thousand units of products: shafts, rings, bushings, transmission mechanisms, bearings, side linings, crushing plates, etc. Element is not limited to a single manufacturer and offers spare parts for crushing for the equipment of some of the most notable brands in the industry (Sandvik, Telsmith, Terex, ThyssenKrupp, TRIO, Zenith, Uralmash). To improve the performance of the equipment, we recommend the innovative THOR linings manufactured by Element.

A rational approach to the selection of components for crushing and screening equipment

Equipment shutdown at a mining enterprise due to part failure leads to a decrease in planned business targets and brings huge losses. Losses caused by emergency downtime are several tens of times higher than the cost of spare parts for capital units and expandables. Therefore, enterprises that use CSE should plan to replace worn-out components on time. The coefficient increase, regarding the equipment’s ability to work to its maximum level, is intended to maximize profit. 100% is an ideal result, indicating that the units are functioning without stopping. Every emergency or planned repair of equipment adds to the reduction of the coefficient. Indeed, an increase in the time between the replacement of parts leads to cost reductions.

Element Group keeps pace with progress, practices a rational approach, and is ready to provide mining and road construction enterprises with cost minimization due to the favorable cost of branded components, the price of which quickly pays off due to their increased operational resource. The manufacturer produces original spare parts for CSE on modern equipment, using high-quality materials and innovative technologies. The components are based on austenitic manganese steel, bronze, and wear-resistant steel.

The advantages of Element Group components:

  • full interchangeability with OEM spare parts
  • exact dimensions (instrumental control of the geometry is carried out)
  • reference performance properties (resistance to wear, ability to withstand high mechanical loads, strength, resistance to deformation)
  • 100% compliant with industry standards

Components for CSE are delivered with a guarantee from Element as a manufacturer of spare parts.

Storage recommendations

  • avoid moisture ingress on the parts. It is important to store components in covered, dry areas, preferably warm
  • avoid surface corrosion, parts must be stored in their original packaging (protective film), maintaining a special storage compound
  • the position in which the part is stored is important. For example, the bushings must be placed strictly vertically to prevent violations of their geometry (to exclude the formation of ellipses)
  • There are no special requirements for storing metalware (fasteners). An important condition is to prevent the ingress of moisture on them

We work for you

Element Group offers to buy mass-produced spare parts for crushing or to order the production of non-standard parts according to individual sketches. Element also has its own design department, which allows them to design components for specific equipment and upgrade products.

The advantages of direct cooperation with the Element manufacturer:

  1. A guarantee of quality. This is provided following the requirements of the ISO:9001
  2. Warehouse program for operational satisfaction of the needs of mining and other enterprises
  3. Technical and service support throughout the entire service life of the equipment.
  4. Professional consultation and support

Another advantage is efficient logistics, which ensures the prompt delivery of components to enterprises. The item can be purchased from the warehouse on the day of application, but if it is not available, the average delivery time can range from 120-150 days. If the equipment has stopped due to a breakdown, Element Group’s specialists will find an emergency delivery option to restore the company's performance. For advice, or to order spare parts, please contact us by email at info@element.global or by calling the phone number listed on our site.

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