Element brand specialization — the production and supply of spare parts, wear parts and consumables. Element focuses on parts for various types of equipment from leading manufacturers, operating in ore processing and metallurgical industries.

Our goal is to help our customers optimize their operating costs, as well as to eliminate the risks associated with the unpredictability of non-branded parts and the lack of prompt technical support from alternative suppliers.

Slurry Handling Solutions

We produce wear and spare parts for any type of slurry pump. If the modernization of parts is needed, we can offer the "Engineering-to-order" service. All parts are manufactured using the proprietary design documentation of Element Group. 

Our specialists select various alloys and composite materials and retrofit “standard” parts to achieve the necessary performance at specific plants and applications.

Wear and Spare Parts for Crushers

Element uses high-quality austenitic steels, which are made up of a plethora of contents: manganese, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, to name a few. These are included in the manufacturing of wear parts and will be put into direct contact with the crushed ore. 

We produce wear protection components for jaw, cone, gyratory type of crushers, impactors, and the grinding rolls of commonly used equipment brands. Alloys used in our products provide high resistance to abrasive wear in combination with high strength characteristics.

THOR liners for crushers

It is worth it to outline the alloys manufactured using THOR casting technology. This technology improves the uniformity and density of the metal’s structure.

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