09/22/2021 12:32:00 pm

Element opens a brand new warehouse in Portugal

Element has opened a new warehouse in the Portuguese city of Porto. In the coming months, the warehouse will be filled with in-demand parts for pumps, crushing and screening equipment. This will significantly reduce the delivery time to production sites.

09/22/2021 12:32:00 pm
08/20/2021 11:52:00 am
08/20/2021 11:52:00 am

Pump wet-end assembly: service life results

In early 2021, our team assembled and delivered several sets of wet ends for MCR 450 pumps to an enterprise in Kazakhstan for the first time. Because the customer chose Element’s parts over those of the OEM, they were able to cut the equipment’s maintenance cost by 20%. In January 2021, Element delivered several sets of parts for the Warman* MCR 450 pump for the first time to an enterprise in Kazakhstan. The sets include wet-end parts for the rubber lining and metal impellers. To date, the pump is functioning properly in line with its expected performance.

07/06/2021 02:59:00 pm

E-Monitor to record and analyze data on crushing equipment

A number of industrial tests regarding two 'THOR' sets of liners were recently completed at a Siberian stone quarry. These liners demonstrated service lives akin to those of OEM parts, without leading to reductions in crusher capacities. But, how do we know this?

06/15/2021 02:59:00 pm

There’s a new Element product on the shelves: rubber-metal liners for mills

Element has recently enhanced its product line regarding wear parts for mills. Now, the manufacturer offers rubber-metal liners. Currently, these are the best options for hard operational conditions during the first stages of grinding (SAG/AG).

06/09/2021 11:53:00 am

The "UGOL ROSSII & MINING" trade fair has marked the beginning of new projects

The world is recovering from the pandemic, and Element never misses an opportunity to personally communicate with its customers and partners. From June 1 to June 4, our team presented spare and wear parts for equipment at the "UGOL ROSSII & MINING" trade fair in Novokuznetsk. A busy schedule of negotiations brought new projects and deals, while personal meetings with clients helped us to better understand the current needs of the market.

05/14/2021 03:31:00 pm
05/14/2021 03:31:00 pm

NovaTHOR gains popularity

Since the beginning of 2021, Element has sold over 8 tons of the new NovaTHOR® compound. The product was released in 2020, and when analyzing references and repeat orders, it's clear that it has since gained popularity among mining companies globally.

04/23/2021 06:51:00 pm

The results of MiningWorld Russia 2021: hundreds of presentations and dozens of new projects

The international trade show for machines and mining equipment, MiningWorld Russia 2021, brought around new projects, agreements, and partnerships for all areas of Element’s business. We’d like to tell you how three days of long-awaited offline meetings with market leaders went, and what they brought to our company. 

04/13/2021 05:48:00 pm

Element launches its own university

Sustainability requires the constant professional growth of employees. We are certain that investment in the team pays off exponentially. That’s why we’ve created Element University.

03/22/2021 05:34:00 pm

Element will bring the most in-demand products to MiningWorld Russia 2021

Element is a permanent and active participant in an international exhibition for the mining and mineral extraction industry, namedly, MiningWorld Russia. Every year, the company selects the most topical items and presents a wide assortment at the trade show.

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