For partners

Element continuously expands the network of its contacts.
We provide for our manufacturing partners with a full range of services that ensure the expected workload for production facilities, provide access to new markets and reduce the sales cost of goods.
To dealers, who are working with Customers on a continuing basis we ensure timely delivery of parts as well as technical and marketing support, helping to reduce cumulative expenditures.
To companies who are providing field services we render proven wear and spare parts, materials and components required for equipment maintenance.
Element is marketing the unique service based on experience of cooperating throughout the entire chain of participants.

We are focused on informational chains that are working with wealth of evidence and supporting processes of delivery of spare parts to Customers. Element is bridging the gap between demand for spare parts on many markets and suppliers and manufacturers all over the world.

Element Group – versatile service company, producing and supplying wear and spare parts under its own brand Element®.

What partners get from us


Element — well known and recognizable brand

Element is a proven and reliable supplier of spare and wear parts for mining equipment. We work in the markets of Eurasia, Russia, Europe and China.


Development and support of production

For manufacturing of parts, Element provides the manufacturer with its own technical documentation, models, tooling, as well as a quality assurance plan. 

We promptly receive and process feedback, respond to scheduled and urgent inquiries, and provide technical and service support to enterprises of our customers and partners.



We prepare all necessary documentation in house: our Engineering Design Department and Service Department find the optimal technical solution, analyze the materials, operating conditions and customer needs. 

For manufacturing of parts, Element provides the manufacturer with its own technical documentation, models, tooling, as well as a quality assurance plan.


Inventory Management Program and Production Program

We deliver all parts within the shortest time  — if the plant is nearby the warehouse, the delivery will be on next day after day of request. Element continuously improves the demand prediction algorithms and adjusts the warehouse inventory correspondingly. We prepare the production plan for our partner manufacturers and load their production facilities.


Local support

We assume potential currency risks, as well as other risks related to export, transit financing, compliance with local regulatory requirements, packaging requirements, and other local factors. We prepare and update local materials for presentation and training.


Warranty and quality of products

Design, durability and quality of Element’s spare and wear parts often exceed OEM quality. Company’s products are covered by mechanical and technological warranty: the first applies to compatibility of parts and the absence of defects, the second applies to expected lifetime of wearing parts.

Building of mutually beneficial relationship with partners is one of the priorities in the organization of a modern highly efficient production chain. Element is constantly expanding its network of authorized partners around the world: for manufacture of parts under our orders, for servicing of equipment and for distribution of ready products.

All actual partners of Element comply with our standards of quality and organization of work, from production and packaging of finished products to ensured delivery of goods to the Customer and providing him with technical support at the proper level.

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